2nd Annual NRS Table Tennis Tournament

The last week of July in Minnesota resulted in an unusual 100-degree stint, but the NRS team wasn’t going to let that keep them from competing in the 2nd Annual NRS Table Tennis Tournament at the All Hands Meeting. 

Playing off last year’s rules, it was a single-elimination tournament, resulting in 25+ games over two days, fit between productive group meetings and team meals. This year, NRS decided to increase incentive for the team and added an epic 3-tier trophy for the winner to take home (right). To say the competition was heated, is an understatement, including an intense battle between Lindsey (COO, pictured above, left) and Jesse (CDO, pictured above middle).

Before crowning the champion Thursday afternoon, a Ben & Jerry’s sundae party re-energized the crew. Ice cream may (or may not) have contributed to the wins or losses that were played afterward, but it all came down to the Balmy Battle of the Brians. 

Brian Hemminger (Finance Manager) and Brian Reindl (Director of Solar Development) had defeated every opponent in their brackets to face off in the championship game. In the end, Brian Reindl became the first recipient of the NRS Table Tennis Trophy! He will hold onto the trophy for the next year until next summer’s All Hands meeting when we will crown the next champion of the 3rd Annual NRS Table Tennis Tournament.

We had some amazing department and breakout meetings, checked some of the smaller items off the bottom of our lists, and created more efficiency with our processes. The NRS team celebrated their constructive days with two nights of team-building events where they could choose from Top Golf, dinner and a show at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, and a MN Loons Soccer Game at Allianz Field in St. Paul. 

It was an amazing week of fun and productivity – especially welcoming all the new faces of the NRS Team to the Annual Table Tennis Tournament! A big shot out to our local title company for joining us for the Wednesday morning session, sharing their title wisdom, and bringing us yummy Kolacky treats!

We continue to be amazed with the work our team has produced. We are very grateful for their hard work, determination, and ability to let loose, too!