As we started to look back at 2022 and all that we have done as a team, as well as individuals, we couldn’t help but share some of our most proud (and fun) moments of 2022. In no particular order:

Participants in the Halloween Costume Contest (both remote and in office): 14 Pictured above (left to right): Lindsey (Title Commitment), Jesse Hopkins-Hoel (John Dutton), Jacy Smith (Patrick Pelstring – The Costume Contest Winner!), Daniel Parish (Charlie Brown Ghost), Mauli Sand (Elf), Caroline Landauer (Deer), Conner Wilkinson (The Dude, Big Lebowski)
Staff Lunch: 67 (at least)
Largest Conference Attended: RE+ 2022 – over 27,000 attendees! Pictured above (left to right): Michelle Niedfeldt, Mauli Sand, Lindsey Ransom

More of 2022’s Highlights:

  • Acres Signed: 145,264 Acre
  • All Hands Meetings Held: 3 
  • Development Projects Sold: 2 
  • Fish Caught at NRS Team Ice Fishing Event: 1
  • Ground Breakings: 2 
  • Industry Conferences attended: 8+
  • Internal Promotions: 6 
  • Job Fairs Attended: 1 
  • Landowner Meetings Held: 6 
  • New hires: 12 (including Senior Vice President, Construction
  • NRS Challenges Conner has won: 3 (we thought there were more, but he seems to be cursed to 2nd place in the office Fantasy Football league)
  • Staff Lunches: 67
  • Successful Chili Cookoffs: 1
  • Total signed agreements + Landowner Goodie Boxes Sent: 504

 We are in awe of all we were able to accomplish with the hard work and dedication of our team! The NRS Team is ramped up to accomplish even more this year! Here’s to a renewed energy for 2023 (pun intended)!