Bob Burch’s Collaboration with NRS – Building a Wind Farm in Montana

When Bob Burch was approached by Pat Pelstring with National Renewable Solutions about building a wind farm on his land in Montana, he had a few questions. Burch was no stranger to big projects; he’s worked on various conservation projects and other projects that utilized his real estate, his land. But he’s never worked on an energy project before, so when NRS approached him about using his land for a 25-megawatt wind farm, he wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit.

He changed his mind very quickly.

“I had a fairly large ranch out in Montana,” Burch reflected. “It was about 30,000 acres and there was a local conversation about wind farms that, somehow or another, I was told about. Pat Pelstring contacted me and asked if I was interested in discussing it. I hadn’t done anything like this in the past and as you would probably expect, ranchland, or farmland is very much impacted by these giant wind turbines that are 400 feet tall.”

That impact, on his land and on the surrounding areas, was his biggest concern.

“But talking to Pat really put my mind at ease,” Burch said.

That conversation included exactly how Burch would be involved in the process, from beginning to end and, at the end of the talk, he was all in.

“I felt very confident that this was not something I had to babysit, and it was not something that I had to really dig deeply into and question information,” he said. “I think they did a great job. They were very proactive. They made sure that I knew what was going on and that I was actually able to make a contribution. They listened to my ideas and made me feel like I was a part of the process. But 95% of the work was done by these guys.”

That’s an important aspect of National Renewable Solutions. NRS partners with landowners and other community members to ensure that local issues and concerns are considered throughout the development and the operations of the project. Additionally, NRS forms advisory boards with landowners and community members to act as a liaison on behalf of the project landowners and community residents, which may include recommendations as to how the project could actually support the local community through financial or educational means.

Community relations is pivotal to the projects that NRS undertakes and that’s one of the reasons Bob Burch was so impressed with the way NRS did business.

That impression lasted throughout the project and now, if somebody were to ask Burch why they should work with NRS, he wouldn’t hesitate to answer.

“These are serious projects,” Burch said. “ This is not putting up a little shed on the back 40. But if you’ve made the decision that you want to pursue this, and you want to work with someone that you can count on and you can trust, I would talk to National Renewable Solutions for sure.”

National Renewable Solutions has established four core values as the basis of everything they do: Integrity, Innovation, Commitment, and Community. Our goal is to approach land development in a way that incorporates an efficient and purposeful operating and development budget, with a focused effort in long-lasting partnerships with people who live in rural areas for the betterment of their communities. NRS doesn’t just want to use your land; they want your trust, your partnership, and your friendship.

“This was a very good partnership,” Burch stated. “I thought Pat was very accessible. He was very reasonable and I felt like he was on my team. I’d work with them tomorrow if another project came up.”