Walt Page Landowner & Employee at National Renewable Solutions

Walt Page knows a good thing when he sees it, and when he was approached by National Renewable Solutions, he knew it would be a very good thing.

Page and his wife own a piece of land in Northern Colorado, right around the Logan County and Phillips County line. When NRS approached them about leasing that land to install some wind turbines, they were open to hearing them out.

“I received some information in the mail from NRS that they were seeking to lease some parceled land that my wife and I own,” Page said. “There were four numbers at the bottom of the page, so I just picked the one at the very bottom and ended up talking to someone named Brittany. And she explained the situation.”

It was a familiar situation to Walt; he’d been here before.

“We’d been through this before but the project didn’t end up happening,” he said. “But we were still interested and we always thought our parcel of land would be good for wind development. So I made some calls and they came to town. I went to two or three different meetings and then we finally executed the lease.”

For Walt and his wife, it really wasn’t a difficult decision.

“I’ve lived in the Logan County area for 30+ years of my life,” Walt shared.”I’ve known some people in the past who ended up having wind turbines installed on their property and it was a good thing. There’s the financial benefit and a very low impact on their ability to utilize their land, if any impact.”

Walt said that for much of the last year, Colorado has been in a bit of a drought, which resulted in very little coming from their crops.
“We have just a little quarter section of dry land and our crop was a great big fat zero,” he laughed. “We got nothing out of it. Fortunately, we did have a little crop insurance, so that covered a little bit of it. But it’s still nothing like having a nice full bumper crop of something. And so this seemed like it would be a great way to supplement some of the farm income when the crops don’t produce.”

It wasn’t just the financial benefit of leasing his land that made the decision easy for Walt, though. He also just really liked dealing with the people at NRS.

“Dealing with Alex and Brittany and Mauli – they were just very open, very honest, very transparent and that really impressed me,” he said. “That’s who I want to deal with in business – somebody who’s like that. They’re looking for long-term partners and friendships. And I think that’s one of the reasons why they’re so successful.”

Walt was so impressed by the way NRS did business, that he told his in-laws about the experience and they signed up to lease their land as well!

“I helped my 93 year old father-in-law sign up,” Walt shared. “I presented this opportunity to him and my brother-in-law and they both decided it would be beneficial to them. I wasn’t putting any pressure on them either way, but I said if this was an opportunity they wanted to pursue, I’d happily sign them up. If this wasn’t something that I thought was good, I wouldn’t have brought it to my family. But this is good. This is good in a number of ways – it’s good for the community, good for the farmer, good for the local tax base, good for the environment, and good for the ability to produce power.”

He’s not wrong. NRS focuses on building long-lasting partnerships in order to build a renewable future.

Walt decided that he wanted to partner with the company even further, so he began working as a project liaison for NRS and, a year later, he was promoted to a Project Developer. His experience as an actual landowner has proven to be invaluable in his dealings with other landowner partners.

“It lends a little bit of credibility to my discussions with landowners when I can tell them that I signed the exact same lease that they’re signing,” Walt said. “I’m not just some salesman that’s gonna execute a transaction with them and then disappear and never be seen again. I live here in northeast Colorado and I have every intention of staying here for the rest of my life.”

As an employee of National Renewable Solutions, and as a landowner, Walt Page is proud to be a partner that helps usher in renewable energy.